EL TONTO – Comedy Feature Film

” Couldn’t do it without you  Thanks for the amazing work and your insistence on doing things the best way!  I’m confident this version will find the right home early next year. Have a great Holiday .”  Charlie Day – Writer/Director/Actor – EL TONTO



”  I couldn’t have done it without you.  You delivered fabulous Sets in record time – and they were beautiful.  The Studio ( MGM ) mentioned that our Film looks far better than the money they gave to produce it – it’s like a real Feature Film.  I want you for my next one. ”  Sean McNamara – Director – ON A WING AND A PRAYER

PERFECT HARMONY – Pilot & Season 1

” Robb – there were some difficult personal things when we got the news of Perfect Harmony ( Everybody’s OK Now ). But I think I kind of shut down for awhile and never got a chance to express to you my appreciation of your joyous spirit and spectacular work on the show.  Every one of your sets was a revelation and it was an honor to inhabit every single one of them.  I want to live on that boat.  I think you’re a fricken genius and I pray that we get the chance to work together again.  Please stay safe.  Love – gratitude and deep respect. ”  BRADLEY WHITFORD – Actor / Executive Producer – Perfect Harmony – Pilot & Season 1

PERFECT HARMONY – FOX/NBC Comedy Pilot / Season 1 – 2019
Season 1 Wrap Up
” Robb – what a joy it’s been! Thank You Thank You Thank You for your passion for this show, and for your brilliant work! ” Jason Winer – Executive Producer / Director – Season 1 – Perfect Harmony.
” You were a dream, RWK. A BEAUTIFUL dream. Fingers crossed we get to do more – much more ” Jason Winer – Director/Executive Producer – Perfect Harmony – Pilot

Season 1 Wrap Up
” From that beautiful Houseboat to the Pink Mare. you brought this world to life better than I could have dreamed. Thank you Robb! ” Lesley Wade Webster – Writer/Executive Producer – Season 1 – Perfect Harmony
” Robb – it was a delight to work with you. The whole thing looked better than I could have dreamed. Thanks for your vision. ” Lesley Wade Webster – Writer/Executive Producer – Pilot

EL TONTO – Netflix Feature Film – 2018
” Robb – thank you for everything. I don’t know how you pulled it off! It all looks amazing. I couldn’t have done it without you. ” Charlie Day – Writer/Director EL TONTO

TREAD – Sony Pictures – 2018
“ Thank you Maestro – you created the most riveting world for our re-enactment. Marvin Heemeyer came to life within your Design. Thank you so much and you were great to work with. “ Paul Solet – Writer/Director

THE CORE – AMC / Shudder Network – Pilot / Season 1 – LA -2017
” You created the most outrageous Sets for our Crazy Talk Show.
They work – just like you designed – Mobile – Innovative – perfect!
Thank you – for making me look so good! ” – Gabe Roth – Executive Producer

SENSUM – Warner Bros. Emerging Directors Program – Short – LA – 2017
” Thank you for bringing this world to life. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.” – Alexis Korycinski – Director

THE DOOMSDAY PROJECT – SONY/ABC Pilot – Vancouver BC – 2017
” Dear Robb, I loved working with you.
You made everything come ALIVE – and On Time.
Thanks for never stopping and always being there with a smile.
Let’s do it again soon “.
Joachim Ronning – Director ( Pirates of the Carribean – Kon Tiki )

ICE – DIRECT TV/NETFLIX – Vancouver BC / Los Angeles – 2016
” I love you. I love your vision. I love your passion. I love your creativeness. I love everything about you. I am so sorry this blender was set so high.
I knew that you and I were kindred spirits from the first time we sat down …..and until we can sit down again…..
Do this dance somewhere else – and I – will be counting the days.
Robert Munic – Executive Producer / Writer
” Lov ya’ Robb ” Thank you so much for your hard work and relentless passion! You’ve left a lasting impression on us and built a beautiful look that will hopefully live on for the Season!
Thanks again, Robb! Look forward to working together in the future.
David Boorstein – Executive Producer/Fuqua Films/TV

” They loved it. And the Sets in particular look amazing! You Killed IT! – John Glenn – Executive Producer
” You were a joy to work with – such a creative mind. There wasn’t a single detail that was out of place – the whole look really elevates the show.”
Katie Lovejoy – Executive Producer/Writer
” Robb you brought so much beauty – positive energy to this Pilot – thank you – thank you!” Jennifer Getzinger – Director

“There are no words. You work pure MAGIC. From the moment we met – I knew our world would be built on your pure JOY.
Here’s to meeting up in our GILLEY’S World again soon! With all my thanks. ” Chris Levinson – Executive Producer

WRECKED – TBS Comedy Pilot – Puerto Rico – 2015
” Thank you Robb. It looked ” Awesome-in-your-face ” on the Big Screen. Great Work on the show.” James Griffiths – Director
” Can’t thank you enough Robb! You made the Pilot look unbelievable. Love you Man! We’ll talk soon. ” Jordan Shipley – Writer/Executive Producer
” Wish you could have been at the upfront Presentation – it was all your handiwork that graced that very very large screen.” Justin Shipley – Writer/Executive Producer

MONKEY UP! NETFLIX Comedy Feature – Victoria Island BC – 2015
” With all the hustle on the set – the words ” we gotta go ” always end with an echo – because now – we are DONE – OVER – and OUT! But you and I – are the lucky ones – because we get to leave it on the screen!  You are the one – that saved the day and brought the STYLE and ENERGY / COLOR and SPARK – I was the lucky one to be able to capture it – in the matte box – for all time.  Let’s celebrate the here and now – high five for another wonderful journey – until the next time.” Marc Irwin – DP

SPARE PARTS – LIONSGATE Feature Film – New Mexico – 2014
” Mr. King – you are GENIUS !  You rocked this Film – with your AMAZING Sets and Visuals. ” Sean McNamara – Producer/Director
” Robb Wilson King is a mad Scientist – shaman, an artist and genie – all rolled into one. But what makes him really great – is that he gets story! He’s a storytellar at heart. He has more energy than a stick of plutonium – you would be lucky to get him.” Ben Odell – Executive Producer
” It was a pleasure and joy working with you Robb. ” David Alpert – Producer

BLOOD FATHER – LIONSGATE Feature Film – New Mexico – 2015
”  To the BEST Production Designer around.  You made this Book and now Film – come ALIVE ! ” Peter Craig (  The Town / Hunger Games ) – Producer/Writer
”  It was a special kind of pleasure – working with you on BLOOD FATHER.  I wish you the very Best on your upcoming Projects.  ”  Jennifer Roth – Line Producer

” You created a stunning Pilot – NBC hasn’t stopped commenting on the WOW Factor that was throughout.  Thank you, Robb.” – George Nolfi Writer/Director/Executive Producer

” Robb – you’ve been a true gem to work with.  Love – what you’ve done to make the super sized world of BLOODLINE a reality.  Wouldn’t dream of doing Season 1 – without you. And if the God’s don’t smile on us – there will be more adventures down the road. ” – David Graziano – Writer/Executive Producer

AMERICAN GIRL – UNIVERSAL Feature – Winnipeg / New Mexico – 2014
” Robb – both myself and Debra – were thrilled with your work on American Girl in 2013.   We are very excited at the prospects of working with you again – soon.  You will love this film – once edited – it has your visual touch – everywhere – thank you. ” – Vince Marcello – Director

LONGMIRE – NETFLIX Pilot / Season 1 – New Mexico – 2013
” Working with you was inspiring.  For me – simply put – thank you for all of your MAGIC ” !  John Coveny – Executive Producer/Writer
” You delivered – exactly what you said you would – when we first met – a beautiful Season 1.  We cannot thank you enough. ” – Greer Shephard – Executive Producer

COMMON LAW – USA Pilot/Season 1 – New Orleans – 2013
” Thank you for the beautiful Sets – you left us in great shape.  If our paths crossed again – I’d work with you – in a heartbeat! ” Craig Sweeny – Writer/Producer
” The sets look amazing – you are amazing.  Our paths will definitely cross again.” – Karim Zerig – Executive Producer

HOSTEL 3 – SONY Feature Film – Detroit / Las Vegas – 2012
” Thanks again for doing such a great job on HOSTEL 3.  Everyday – I thank my lucky stars we had you.  The film looks awesome. So looking forward to working with you again. “ – Scotty Spiegle – Director

” I was lucky to have you and your team on CARNAL INNOCENCE.  You pushed for a look and got it.  The Film is better for it. You are always creative and so film savvy. I feel like we have worked years together. “ – Peter Markel – Director

“ Robb – you were amazing under fire – amazing!  You and your staff got it done in such incredible style and like little ninjas.  Never a peep – and we always walked into perfectly dressed sets.  I cannot appreciate you enough.  Wait until you see how incredible our film looks.  Like a BIG expensive Feature.  It’s just gorgeous! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. “ – Michael Lembeck – Director

CHAOS – FOX Pilot – LA – 2012
“ Thank you for your hard work and passion.  You made us a beautiful Pilot. “ – Jack Clements – Producer

MOVIE 43 – SONY Feature Film – LA – 2013
“ Outrageous work – thank you! So much for so little.  It is a rich look – every gag worked so well.” – Marc Ambrose – Producer

SECRETS IN THE WALL – LIFETIME Film – Detroit – 2011
“ Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on SECRETS IN THE WALLS.  Just saw it and it looks and sounds great. You did a terrific job. Congrats BIG TIME!  How ironic after a 30 plus years of delivering outstanding and artistically rendered Production Design – you would win the coveted ADG AWARD for a little Lifetime Movie. I humbly share your joy!” – Christopher Leitch – Director

MCGRUBER – SONY Feature – New Mexico – 2010
“ Robb – your one of a kind!  Unbelievably talented – thank you so much” Patty Long – Producer
” Robb – your the bestest in the westest ” – Jorma Taccone – Director

BREAKING BAD – SONY Pilot/Season 1/2 – New Mexico – 2007/2011
”CHAOS looked fabulous – by the way. As it happens – I was singing your praises to Kevin Donnelly.  I was recently talking to SAM MENDES – who praised your work. Not Bad!  You are such a gifted man – Mark and I eagerly await the next opportunity to work with you.” – MARK JOHNSON – MELISSA BERNSTEIN – Executive Producers

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