Growing up in LA – Laurel Canyon – with my fort being on the back lot of Disney – my home life was slightly bohemian and inspired. My father was a Designer – Builder of theme parks and my mother a jazz pianist. The film influences were always there.

Inspiration comes to me in a variety of ways. It is the ritual of going to all types and genres of Films. Travel, which allows me to see with different eyes. The World News inspires and the constant revelation of Street Behavior. The Art of Listening – all of which finds it’s way into my interpretive power.

To make work come alive – I research the material – the narrative – so completely – in order to reach the possibilities of metaphor. Then I deal with Reality – the budget – time restraints – within this lies the MAGIC of balancing the Material and the Ethereal.

When working on a Project – everyone takes part in the ground up experience. Creating something from very little – we engage in the process of Visualizing Life. There is no better moment for a Designer – when he or she says, “we will build the town here.” It is this thrilling ride – to which – I have so passionately dedicated my life – I’m blessed!

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